I know what you’re thinking. Why send emails when you can use social media?

I get it. Social media is easy, its popular and its trendy. It’s sexy! In the meantime social media’s less popular little sibling, email marketing, hasn’t received the same hype or buzz. But to ignore it’s potential is a mistake. And I’ll tell you why…

There’s no doubt that Social Media is a great platform. Just check out these statistics from Brandwatch and you’ll see what I mean:

It’s clear that the social media market penetration is extensive. If you’re looking for a broad and expansive reach for your marketing efforts, social media should be a priority. However, what if your market is small and local?¬† What if your business relies on people traffic instead of web traffic? If you’re in retail, food service or professional services and your client base is local and community driven, email marketing is a must!

Email marketing has many advantages to offer small to large sized business. These include:

  • Direct and immediate contact with your client base
    Content on social media is passive and indirect. It requires the user to encounter your messaging at a specific time and place. Email is direct. It will show up in the user’s inbox until a time where they choose either open or delete it. If you want your message to reach Mr. Rosenblume in Wisconsin, he might see it on social media, but he will definitely see it when it lands in his email box.
  • High degree of customization and personalization
    Social media messaging is limited to image and message size requirements. It’s hard to incorporate more than one message in a social media post. Email provides a venue to communicate multiple messages. Perhaps you want to promote your open house, get registrations for an information session or share you recent blog post (demonstrating your expertise in your profession). An email message can contain all of these elements in one viewing.
  • Data driven and analytical
    A good email list can be segregated to target specific audiences. This  ensures optimal messaging and market penetration. Typically you cannot target audiences via social media without paying for an ad. Furthermore, a good email distribution tool will let you track click through rates and monitor recipient behaviour. You can now know how many people clicked on that blog post.
  • It gets results
    In a recent article by Chief Marketer, they note that one email opt-in who opens your messages is the equivalent to 10 Facebook likes, 100 Twitter followers or 1,000 site page views. That’s a lot of results for the effort. So why work harder when you can work smarter?

This is not to say that social media is not an important part of your overall marketing strategy. The message here is that email marketing is an equally, if not more important, medium to achieve your strategic marketing goals. So if you’re not collecting email addresses, its time to start. The people who are sign up are telling you “Hey I’m interested in your business. Keep me informed.”

How can you say no to that?





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